VUC Lyngby

VUC Lyngby is a modern education centre for adults and young people. We offer courses at many different levels and we would be happy to assist you in finding the courses that suit you, your needs and your life.

VUC Lyngby

VUC Lyngby is one of approximately 30 adult education centers (VUCs) in Denmark where adults can add to their formal education and skills. We are situated 15 km north of Copenhagen near public transportation to Copenhagen city centre.

The formal aim of VUCs is to provide academic qualifications to enable adults to improve or supplement their general knowledge and skills. At VUCs it is possible to combine basic and high-school levels to meet the individual student’s academic needs. Many adult students attend a VUC as their pre-university stepping-stone to university enrollment.

Kursister i et klasselokale. En kursist sidder med hånden oppe

A wide range of subjects and levels

At VUC Lyngby we teach single subject courses from very basic levels to A-level. In addition, we offer courses for dyslectic students that may be combined with other studies. Many of our subjects may be studied as distance learning as well as in traditional classroom settings, and we have long experience in including computers and mobile phones in our approach to teaching.

We offer Danish as a second language at several levels.


A diverse student body

At VUC Lyngby we have a student population of about 2600 students.

Our student body profile is highly diverse, covering a broad age span, many different ethnic origins, students with social and mental health challenges as well as students residing outside Denmark.

International collaboration

At VUC Lyngby we have broad competences in regard to organizing, planning, and carrying out projects, and we have substantial experience in international collaboration.


We organized a teacher exchange project together with a school in Iceland. The project was sponsored by NordPlus, which is the Nordic equivalent of Erasmus+. The project was called “Elearning teaching methods for adult learners”. In this project teachers from both countries followed their colleagues’ classroom activities closely.


We were involved in an Erasmus+ project with a school in Belgium, PC Voeren. Three of their teachers visited VUC Lyngby in the spring of 2019 to study our approach to mobile and digital learning. In November two teachers from VUC Lyngby visited the Belgian school to study their approach to teaching Dutch as a second language as well as digital teaching.


In 2022 we carried out a NordPlus for a project on democratic identity formation together with a Finnish folk high school, Kristillinen Opisto Jyväskylä. So far in 2023 we have hosted a school from ROC Nijmegen who wanted to study our modular structure. Currently, we are working on an Erasmus+ project application on inclusion together with schools in Northern Macedonia and Spain.